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UND-grand forks, North Dakota. Liz. 20. International relations major. League connoisseur. Big tits and a big grin.


I do.

Lmao if I guy texted me this I’d die from happiness


I do.

Lmao if I guy texted me this I’d die from happiness

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It’s Duck, Duck, Grey Duck dammit.

No one will ever tell me otherwise.

what in the shit is “duck duck grey duck”

Minnesota what the hell

Proud to be born and raised in Minnesota.
Land of pop.
Land of grey duck.
Fuck you we are a great state.

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fun fact : this lava flow is referred to as pahoehoe (pah-hoy-hoy) because of it’s gentle flow.

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My research paper outline is 5 pages long. Does that even still count as an outline.

Blame by Calvin Harris and John Newman represents the two male groups I am extremely attracted to


why do i have such an awful time with procrastination




Angelica is blazed.

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Shit I have to do today

  • write ten page research paper
  • write three page progress report on group members
  • build my grandparents a website
  • feed myself
  • shower
  • geology quiz
  • sob
  • snuggle alone on the couch
  • realize i have no social life

Drank too much jack. Writing my research paper tomorrow should be fun with a hangover.

Tfw no bf

I wanna snuggle. Tinder is a useless wasteland of horny dudes. I would say they should invent an app for snuggling but straight dudes would ruin that too.